My New Role As Assistant Director Essay

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As my new role as assistant director, I will be supporting the infant and toddler teachers. Because I frequently visit and greet my tiniest friends daily, I have become a familiar face. I look forward to introducing them to our studio/multi -purpose room this fall, to explore new learning situations, challenges and materials. When I am with the infant and toddler rooms I often clean off a table, or sweep a floor, or pitch in any other capacity if needed when I am helping my colleagues. These, as well as other procedures, are many ways to meet the CDA Competency Goals and Functional Areas.
The environment should be safe for the children 's exploration. There should be child size equipment so the children can use things safely, for instance light weight baskets that children can pick up and pour out items from without worrying about bumping themselves or others. One way a healthy learning environment could be provided is through washing yours and the child’s hands after play, diapering and meal times as well as before, and teaching them to do it themselves as they grow. Another way to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment is to clean toys, and to remove broken or unsafe toys. We are fortunate at our center that we have a dishwasher that staff can place plastic toys in for cleaning and a clothes washer and dryer for staff to use for soft items like pillows and fabric. There are so many procedures and polices set in place by state mandates to assist the educator…

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