My New Job At The Las Vegas Essay examples

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Take a shower, get dressed, pack up from P.E. as soon as possible and get to work. I had to be in uniform, ready to clock in by 2:15pm because my shift started at 2:30pm. I always had to rush because school didn’t get out until 1:27. This was my routine Monday threw Thursday my sophomore year of high school. I was 18, starting my new job at The Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix in Las Vegas, Nevada. That was an upgrade compared to being a McDonald’s drive-thru member. I was a cashier, arcade operator and training to be a birthday party host. I hated kids; I can thank my 9 siblings for that. But birthday party host got paid big tips. So other people’s kids are okay but only momentarily, like an hour or so.
In 2010 I was making about $10.55 an hour and $590 a paycheck. I thought I was a head of the game and rolling the doe. Daddy lent me a small 2001 Honda and my only responsibilities were to pay for the gas, that’s it! I thought I would be smart get a credit card and only use it for emergencies or gas. It was then I understood the definition of being irresponsible. I had an 800 dollar limit, received the card and went on a 600 dollar shopping spree. One thing Daddy always told me was not to go over my paycheck. Swipe here, cha-chang there, ding-ding-ding and I was in debt that quick. I would only pay a few hundred on the bill because after a few months I acquired other things I needed to pay for like my phone bill, gas, insurance and all my extra curricular activity fees. It kind…

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