Essay about My Native Language ( Somali )

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I was born in Somalia, but I was raised in a small village called Mander in Kenya. When I grew up and started going to school, I learned three languages. The first one was my Native Language which is Somali, the second one was Kiswahili which was used as the national language in Kenya, and my third language was English. In schools in Kenya, the community was not paying more attention to the English language so much as they do to Kiswahili language because they wanted to stick with their language. Everyone who lives in Kenya knows Kiswahili whether they go to school or not. When I came to the US in January 2014, everything was totally different. People were using English everywhere they went, and it was a big issue since though I knew the language, I had to practice the language. First and foremost, writing is my favorite hobby, and I learned how to write my native language (Somali) when I was a kid. When it comes to writing most of the time I used to write in my language except when I am in school. I used to write a lot of notes in school but it was not about correcting grammar, but was all about having the notes of each subject and understand what you wrote in English or Kiswahili. When I came to the US I decided to improve my skills of writing and I registered MCTC to take English Second Language (ESL) writing class. My first day of class was amazing day to me because I was thinking I was the only one who doesn’t know the English, but when I saw many immigrants in my…

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