My Narrative Story And Listening Essays

1073 Words Nov 27th, 2016 5 Pages
Through creating my own narrative story and listening to other narrative stories, I have learned a lump sum of significant aspects about myself and my fellow peers. As I began to write my narrative story I had numerous thoughts run through my head, but as I continued to think about what I should write a lot of my problems seemed to become smaller. This is when I began to realize all the new things I have learned throughout the semester. In addition, I had so many things I wanted to talk about, but because we only had a maximum of five minutes for our presentation I had to decide which vital aspect influenced me the most. Therefore, I decided to talk about how afraid I was of disciplining the children. I choose this because we learned so much about conflict resolution and behaviour management throughout the semester, that I wanted to touch base about how uncomfortable I felt trying to implement these strategies. Usually in a regular university class you learn new material, but you are not able to implement the things you learned until you get a job. This practicum has allowed me to apply my newly learned skills immediately in real life situations. Furthermore, when presenting my story, I wanted to make it comedic by using a cartoon software and exaggerated facial expressions to show how I felt on the inside. I used a comedic approach because when I thought about how stressed I was and how much worry it caused me, it made me laugh as to how exaggerated my feelings were and how…

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