My Name Is X By Juan Felipe Essay

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This poem called “Your Name is X” by Juan Felipe is not an easy poem to understand all together but sentence by sentence I have some clue what he is trying to say. The first sentence would have many meanings such as the hands are trembling because his hands are so tired of physical labor he can 't control the trembling, or maybe it 's because of old age were his hands tremble just because of the age that he has. Reading the other sentences his hands might be trembling due to the fact that he is scared and just simply trembling uncontrollably from being scared of the unknown lurking in the darkness.

The following sentence gives me the interpretation that the man is scared because you hear unknown echoes from the shadows and the shadow means darkness, evil, and people who mean harm. The sounds are outside of the house where danger is lurking in the shadows which is why he is trembling from fear. The poem says that “X” is your name but, isn 't it everyone 's name X then? The man trembling could be you or could be someone else but it could be you. The echoes as well could be you but it 's not you but, society itself is X or a part of it. The third sentence tells me how bad the neighborhood is that objects are thrown into windows but, not because of accidents because you or someone else did on purpose.
The fourth sentence is sorta mixed in meaning but, since everything I think is bad, dark, and unknown I have to say that the woman is trying to get pregnant with the man to…

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