My Name Is Khan Film Analysis

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This chapter presents the introduction which consists of background of the study, reason for choosing the topic, statement of the problem, objective of the study, significance of the study, definition of the key terms and outline of study.
1. Background Of the Study
The research was carried out based on the following considerations:
a. My Name is Khan is the best seller Movie
b. My Name is Khan Movie consist of Social culture that consist Stereotype it should be investigated further.
c. So many Social culture in My Name is Khan Movie but the researcher want to show the Character building that can be use
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Stereotypes can be positive as well as negative. Most assumption that all forms of stereotypes are negative. From the movie researcher wants to investigated and show that stereotypes are in this . Stereotypes found in this film some refer to negative and positive stereotypes therefore researchers will apply to the character building in daily life.
It is so many character building that found in daily activities but this research wants to that stereotypes support the character building just concern in caring.
3. Statement of the problem
a. What are the elements of the movie found in My name is Khan movie?
b. What types of the stereotypes in My name is Khan movie can support students character building especially caring?
c. Why is the stereotypes in My name is Khan movie can apply to the students character building?
4. Objectives of the study
a. To determine the stereotypes found in My name is Khan movie
b. To know the types of stereotypes found in My name is Khan movie
c. To classify what types of stereotypes in My name is Khan movie to apply in students character building especially caring
5. Significances of the
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Terrorism happens often associated with a particular religion so it appears stereotypes regarding a particular religion. Appearance stereotype about Islam and terrorism is not another built by message-the message carried by the mass media. Film is one of the mass media used in the practice of mass communication. As a function of a mass media, the film also conveys message from the communicator to communicant. And the film Four Lions depicts the stereotypes Islam related to acts of terrorism. Aim from research this is for knowing and interpret signs-sign on contribution build stereotypes about Muslims always identified with violence and terrorism contained in the film Four Lions This research includes studies qualitative descriptive approach semiotic methodology of communication.

6. Research Method

1. Object of the studies
In this study the object in the study is the community and of course the students in order to have a good character in daily life, as well as in the film My name is Khan is very much a moral message that we can take in the film, so that we can grow right one character building namely caring. in this case of course the students also must have one character that is caring.

2. Method of data collection
In this study the method used by the researchers is descriptive qualitative approach, researchers used this method because of the descriptive method aims to collect real-time information and detailed and

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