My : My Father And His Parents Essay

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My interviewees included my grandfather Gregory Mears Bailey Sr., my grandmother, Martha Bailey, my father Gregory Mears Bailey Jr., and my mother Rhonda Hale. I selected to do my father and his parents because the Bailey side of my family predominantly raised me. Although my mother played a role in my life for a time before my parents’ divorce I wanted to also include her side of the family. All of the interviews were conducted over the phone due to distance issues of me being in Ohio and the rest of my family being in Maryland. Overall, my family has primarily been born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. However my grandfather’s mother, and my great-grandmother, moved to Baltimore from South Carolina to study nursing, education was the only reason they moved. My mother’s grandparents, my great-grandparents, moved from North Carolina for better economic opportunities that would be available through her nursing career. Uniquely, after my great-grandparents moved to Maryland my grandparents did not leave Maryland they all started a family and stayed in Baltimore. However, my father who due to being a part of the military moved several times after leaving his parents’ house in 1986. I also found that the military played a “pull factor” role in my family causing not only my father to move his family around, but also my grandmother’s (Martha) father was not around to raise his family due to being a serviceman.
The Bailey side of my family story begins in Greenwood, South…

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