My, My Brother Jr. Essays

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Five A.M. It was the summer of 2015 when everything changed, the days seem to fly by since I was at football practice every day from eight in the morning till ten o’clock. Everyone on the team were all working hard since we had a professional athletic trainer and a former NCAA defensive coach. Everyday I would have to walk to and from practice, it was about a mile walk, I was proud to be part of a culture change at Ogden High. We all worked so hard and gave everything we had to better ourselves as a whole. My brother, mother, and I lived in Ogden, Utah. My older brother Jr. is borderline autistic, my mom is just like any mom, loving, caring, does anything for us to get by. We moved to Ogden because my mom needed to get off methadone, I thought it was selfish that she would move my brother and I. Jr. and I were mad but I would rather see her healthy , two years go by and I notice my mom starts drinking alcohol. I didn 't think anything of it because I was constantly playing sports and by the time I noticed it was too late. The first month of summer going into my junior year I noticed my mother was acting different, she was increasing drinking alcohol and bringing random people home. My brother and I didn’t think anything of it because my mom use to use guys for money since we were dirt poor. For my football team I had to raise 500$ for a fundraiser, I knew something was out of the ordinary once I found out that my mom stole 300 out of my 500$ . I confronted her about…

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