My Motivation : What Motivates Me Essay

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My Motivation: What motivates me the most to pursue a college degree is that I will be the first person in my family to receive one. My grandmother is the backbone behind this motivation because she was always making sure that academics came first in my life. There was rarely a day that I would come home and she would not ask me questions about my homework, asking what I learned in school, or even looked over my homework. As I got older, she made sure I was a part of a college prep program called AVID from 6th-12th grade and that definitely made a difference for me. It helped me understand the importance of continuing your education and how beneficial it can be to succeeding in life.

My Purpose: My main purpose in seeking a college degree is the desire to learn more and to better myself to be more successful in life. I know that there is always an opportunity for learning and developing in life even if someone does not have a college degree, however having a degree broadens the opportunities. I have noticed this to be true especially with jobs. Many times now, jobs will post ads asking about college experiences and even sometimes one of the minimum requirements is to have an associates or bachelors degree. It shows how much of a benefit it is to have a degree now.

My Values: By seeking a college degree, it shows that I care about my future and how successful I could be. It also sets an example for my younger siblings that anything is possible with determination and…

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