My Motivation For Becoming A Teacher Essay

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If someone were to ever ask me, I do not think I could identify a single thing that could completely represent my childhood. Playing sports, reading mysteries, pretending to be my favorite superheroes, and watching tons of cartoons were all big parts of my life, however, there was one thing that has defined my childhood more than the rest. Learning. There was something about learning that made me feel alive. At times, I was literally a sponge, relentlessly eager to soak in everything that there was to be learned and I was fortunate enough to receive a great education for the large majority of my life. In my opinion, every student deserves to have a great education as well. Nothing bothers me more in life than seeing ignorance as a result of poor education. This is my motivation for becoming a teacher one day.
When it comes to teaching, the idea of being an “intentional teacher” comes to mind. Intentionality means doing things for a reason, on purpose. Intentional teachers constantly think about the outcomes they want for their students and about how each decision they make moves children toward those outcomes (Slavin, 2014, p. 6). My philosophy of teaching will center on intentionality. I want everything I say and do to serve a purpose. I want to share my passion for learning with my students. I want them to have a similar, if not better educational experience than myself. If a teacher cannot get excited about teaching, then his/her students cannot get excited…

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