Essay about My Mother 's Side Of The Family

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Throughout my student career, I had many ideas of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be a fashion designer, interior designer, professional singer, a business owner, and an entrepreneur just to name a few. I always came back to one profession though. I wanted to be a teacher. Each year in elementary school, I always wanted to teach the grad I had just completed due to the amazing year I had before. I have had many influences, such as family and experiences that encouraged and solidified my desire to teach. They have shaped me into who I am today and what I stand for.
My mother’s side of the family are primarily teachers. My grandfather is now a retired teacher, principal, administrator and superintendent from Rogers Public Schools. My aunt teaches second grade at a small private christian school and is teaching the difficult ABECA curriculum. My mother is currently a public school Pre-k teacher and has her Bachelor’s Degree, her Master’s degree and she is also National Board certified. My family has conquered a lot in the education field and that has influenced me in a vast way. They have never pressed me to become a teacher, but they have impressed me with their professionalism and moral standards that they uphold in school and out of school. They also have impacted me through their stories of children who they have impacted or have impacted them throughout the year. Their teaching testimonies have made an influence on my career decision.
During my senior…

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