My Mother 's Side Of The Family Essay

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I do not know much about my family, nor do I talk to most of my family simply for the fact that they live far away and no one has time and because we are not close. My family 's name involves with the Kims and Wicketts. They are both German names. The Wickett name is German, Polish, Swedish, and Irish. The Kim name I believe is fully German. I do in fact know more about the Wicketts than I do Kims. My mom 's side of the family is the Wickett family. I don 't know much about family on this side because we don 't talk to anyone on my mom 's side. I know that both of her grandparents, my greatgrandparents, are dead. I also know that we are related to the Meyers because my grandma 's maiden name was Meyer (I think that is pretty interesting because I am related to Mrs. Meyer). The only people we really talk to on my mom 's side are my grandparents, my mom 's brother and his wife, and their two kids. My grandma and grandpa I believe are Catholic but my two cousins and my aunt and uncle are Presbyterians, I believe. I know they are not Catholic because when we used to have fish frys and my grandparents camp/ home they could eat chicken or burgers while we all ate fish. My mom 's side of the family most live close to home, well the ones we talk to, my cousin and aunt and uncle live in Ridgway and we live in St. Marys. My dad 's side of the family, things get a little more complicated, because he has step and half brothers and sisters. My dad 's dad, Joseph, his wife had died…

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