My Mother 's Life - Original Writing Essay examples

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My mother often quoted “Have one and spoil the child.” She said this because I wanted another sibling. She thought this was intended as exhortation rather than warning. The mother’s instinct to spoil her only child was thereby reinforced by a higher authority. I was so spoiled that on the day my parents unexpectedly came to pick me up from elementary school in the middle of the morning. I was about nine at the time I told the teacher that it was probably because that new game I wanted just came out. In fact it was to go to Norton 's where my grandmother was dying. I was also spoiled because I was always sick. I spent so much time away from elementary school that my school called Social Security to visit our house to see what was going on. What was going on was that I was always ill. When I went into hospital to have my tonsils removed. My parents bought me a big tub of ice cream for myself. I always wanted brothers and sisters but I liked the way that I didn’t have to share my toys with anyone else. It also meant I got more presents on Christmas.

This kind of pampering was balanced by the way that my parents had grown up in the depression of the projects. They have spent their lives saving. They have always been able to make more money by saving than by earning. It has never been worth their while to employ anyone to do anything for them. On the one hand, then I was spoiled constantly because I was an only child, because I was a skinny, sickly little boy; on the other,…

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