Essay on My Mother 's Life Changing Decision

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The lights and sirens filled the otherwise quiet neighborhood as I was drug out of my mother’s arms and put into the back of a familiar car. I watched as my home became nothing but a speck in the distance. From that point, I sat dumbfounded focused on what had just happened. How could a choice end this badly?
My mother had me at an early age of 16. She stayed with my grandmother, a benevolent person who I adored living with, till the age of 21. However, my mother found a home that was affordable allowing me to make a life changing decision. I could move with my mother into her new home she bought in White Oak, West Virginia (in Raleigh County) or stay at my grandmother’s. Being the adventurous five years old I was, I decided to go with my mother. Moving in was exciting since I was starting with a new canvas, a new slate. I would have new friends, a new room, new school, new everything. The neighborhood was filled with mysterious homes, uncharted woods and streets, intriguing wildlife, and much more. Where would I begin? How could I ever get bored? The jubilant feeling that rained over me seemed endless, as if an infinite number of joys accompanied the home itself. To watch the movers carry large boxes of my stuff into the house and to see my mother placing them on the pristine shelves and the wool carpet filled me with excitement; I had an eagerness to fix my room to my liking. As time passed, I settled and my optimism died down. It became a typical, monotonous…

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