My Mother Who She Wanted You Die Essay

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My mother said she wanted to die because of me. Her actual words were “you’re the reason I want God to take me home early.” On that hot summer day in July of 2010, I didn’t know how to process her statement. We were sitting at a bus stop waiting for the next bus to arrive to take us home. We were within walking distance from our apartments and I started complaining about how if we walked home we would be there by time the bus showed up. The sun was beating on us to the point of exertion. Not only that, but we had just finished eating so we were being weighed down by our full stomachs. On top of all that my mother’s poor joints, which we would later find out was Arthritis, wouldn’t permit her to walk distances without tiring out quickly. When I kept persisting that we should just go ahead and walk home, she told me to just go ahead without her. She knew that my father didn’t allow me to walk long distances by myself, and if I had come home without her it could’ve triggered a meltdown from him. So I relented and sat down next to her at the bus stop.

Five minutes had past and I continued complaining about how it would’ve been better to have just walked home. That’s when she said it. She turned and looked at me with a cold empty stare and said “you’re the reason I want God to take me home early.” I was rendered speechless. To say something so cruel and cutting, she sounded so detached and weary. Almost as if she had been looking for an opportunity to launch such a foul…

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