Essay about My Mother Who Lived With Us

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My grandmother who resided with us, was like a second mom to me and my siblings, and made it easier to live without my father. However, my grandmother was addicted to alcohol and had a mental health history. My grandmother had two nervous break downs before, and attempted suicide via overdose, which resulted in lung surgery and inpatient hospitalization: prior to my birth. When my mother would work double shifts, I would stay up with my grandma because I was scared for her. Most of the time she would keep me up, because of the rage that she felt after drinking. I remember trying to force her to drink water, because I thought it would flush her system and automatically make her return to normal. Instead my grandmother would yell “get that fucking water out of my face, I don’t want no damn water”. She would get really upset after drinking. I remember one time I was telling my friends how much I hated her, and she was actually standing in the door way when I said that I wish that she would die. She never talked about me saying that, and neither did I: it haunts me till this day. More than a decade later, my grandmother died in our home. Everyone were asleep, except my mother who ran to the store in the middle of the night. My mother heard the ventilator going off, came in the house and found my grandmother lifeless on the dining room floor. My uncle was in the living room, and I blamed him for not hearing her, because he was in the living room asleep. He heard me blaming him. I…

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