Essay on My Mother Was My Hero

1080 Words Sep 19th, 2015 null Page
Ever since the day I lost my mother my life was flipped upside down. All I am left with is question. Every day I ask myself will I get over the loss of my mother? Will I forgot any of the memories that I shared with her? Will she be watching down on me or will I make her proud? Will my little brother be okay without her? Does she hate me for the decision that I made on her behalf? I do not know any of the answers but maybe in time I will get to know. I lost the kindest hearted woman that I will ever know. She was so selfless in her own time of need. She did not care who you were she would still give you the shirt off her back. My mother was my hero because I saw her struggle throughout my entire life and she still never gave up. My mother fought for the last two years of her life. I did not ever think that my mother was going to pass as young as she did. My mother’s name was Diana Reed she was born on May 11th, 1967. She is a twin and the youngest of six children. She was born and raise here in Ohio with her parents and siblings. About six or seven her parents got a divorce and she moved with her mother. He father was not around much after that but my mother did not care that much. When she was 15 my mother got into a bad habit of drugs. That changed her life for the worse. When she was 18 my mother lost her own mother. My mother did not have the greatest relationship with her mother before her passing. My mother was not there when her mother passed so she was living…

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