My Mother Vs Single Parenthood

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Single parenthood, be it a single mother of father, is a life commitment and long struggle that many are faced with. Often times the stereotype and narrative of being a single parent is told by single mothers. Either being forced into their situation were few options else are available, or the parent willing chooses single parenthood for their benefit as well as their child. Overwhelmingly though, single mothers don’t really have a choice in their status as single mother’s, they are victims of consequences beyond their control. In the case of my mother, Jessica DeGrauw, she did not have children with the intent or desire of being a single mother, but was forced into the situation when the relation between her and my father was no longer healthy. …show more content…
She was attending a community college only a few miles away from our home, for an associates in accounting. My mother began school with the intention of finishing with her degree and to starting a career in a field she loved, as well as a larger and more stable income for her then two children. Due to work and other complications, my mother never finished college. But during her time there, she gained a new resolve that her children would go to college. Growing up, my mother had no intention of ever having children, marriage, or continuing her education. Now that the circumstances had changed, she realized the importance of continuing one’s education, and began pushing her children to do well in …show more content…
More often than not in situations of single parents, the parent is a woman, with only a seventh of single parents being fathers. Inside this statistic, single mothers are more likely to have attended college. This is striking considering the fact that these mothers “have higher poverty rates, lower incomes, lower employment rates, and lower wage rates,” (4). Women earned less, for working the same amount as men. On record, single mothers in 2009 earned only 70% of what single fathers did; mother’s $25,172 to a father’s $36,085. In comparison, two parent homes earned nearly triple that of single mothers in 2009. As well as the rate of poverty of single mothers are five times that of the rate of two parent households. Wage rates of parents working full-time for example, concerning single mothers ($549 a week) are below that of married mothers ($705 a week). Even further below those is the rate for married fathers ($939 a

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