My Mother, Sister And Myself Essay

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When I look at the work history of my mother, sister and myself, I see only a few similarities. I have more in common with Toni in my work history than my sister Jamie does with me or our mom. The careers I had in common with my mom were babysitting, childcare teacher, and house cleaning. All three of us have one thing in common in our work which was taking care of children. Toni took care of her own children, and the children at her work, Jamie takes care of her children, and I take care of other children for my current job position. The way that my mom always talked about her career at Heppner Daycare as a teacher influenced my career choice. I have always wanted to work taking care of children just as she had. My mom definitely followed gender-based careers in her work as a babysitter, maid, waitress, teacher, and office assistant. Jamie did not follow the gender-based expectations as much as our mom did. She had three careers that fit into the women expectations of work. Those jobs were customer service representative, teacher assistant, and stay at home mom. Within my work history I have followed some of the gender-based expectations with my careers in house cleaning, babysitting, and child care teacher for an after school program with children ages 5-12. Most of my work experience I have noticed have had more women than they have had men. Looking at the expectations of women in the home my mom follows most. Toni is the one taking care of the cooking, cleaning, laundry,…

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