My Mother Never Worked By Bonnie Smith Yackel Essay

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I am Spencer, champion-son of William and Ramona. I hail the Park of Orland, where I bore the burden of high school, emerging as the conqueror of subjects. When faced with the ACT-beast, I properly have slain that monster. Presently, I continue to unlock lost volumes of knowledge through my college studies at STLCOP to reach my goal of becoming a pharmacist. As with every situation, struggles will arise along the career path, suggesting a link between the drama in each person’s life alongside the eternal pace and rhythm of conflict and conquest. During this journey of making a mark upon this world, various challenges will arise, which I expect to experience and overcome. As seen in Bonnie Smith-Yackel’s narrative “My Mother Never Worked,” a mother’s conflicts turn into learning experiences. In the same way, I will find solutions to obstacles by learning the pharmacy curriculum, developing internal perseverance, and to a larger extent, by having the courage to overcome a flawed world that pressures me to accumulate money at the cost of compassion.

When pursuing a career in the pharmacy field the most important aim is learning the medical field. For example, in Smith-Yackel’s story, her “town-bred mother” lives on a farm and “learned” all she could about chickens, pigs, cows, and gardening. The move from a town to a farm, or as in my case, from Orland Park, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri, requires delving into a new field, both…

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