My Mother Is The Biggest Role Model I Essay

1021 Words Apr 6th, 2016 5 Pages
She is loving, caring, and wonderful. She has always been so hard working and strong. Out of everyone in this world, I can say my mother is the biggest role model I’ll ever have. My mom definetaly had a different experience in high school than I do today which is why I chose to interview her for this assignment. Ever since she was a little girl, obstacle after obstacle was thrown at her, but that didn’t stop her; it only made her try harder and keep moving forward. According to my mom, she didn’t have anyone to look up to and say, “I want to be like them when I grow up.” Her words made me think about what it would be like to have absolutely no one to push me to do my best and make me want to be a great person. My mom didn’t have the same opportunities that I have today. Her high school experiences give me something to look at and try harder to take advantage of everything that I have today. I like to consider my life easier than the one my mom had in Mexico despite the few obstacles that I have to overcome. I have both my mother and father to encourage me to do better day by day. I also have two annoying borthers that can always bring me happiness. Many teens my age have a job, but I don’t. I’m 15 and all my parents want for me right now is to focus on my education, everything else will come later on. Because my mom wants me to go to college, she encourages me to volunteer in different places. She tells me it will help me with scholarships. I was a tutor for about a year…

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