My Mother Is Not Just My Hero Essay

775 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Many may say that their hero is a celebrity or a public figure, but my hero is my mom. My mom has taught me right from wrong. My mom has always been by my side. My mom is a woman of faith. I look up to my mom and hope to be like the woman she is. The difference between my hero and other people 's heroes is that my mom is not just my hero, but also my best friend. A mother 's obligation to her children is to teach them with discipline and love. My mom has done more than that. As a child when I made the wrong choices and behaved badly, my mom was there to discipline and teach me the right choices. At the time I did not appreciate being told what to do. Looking back on the times my mom corrected me and how she still does, I now appreciate it because it has made me the young woman I am. I now understand that some of my actions affected my mom and upset her, and I wish I could take those actions back. I remember when I was younger I would talk back to my parents. My mom would send me to my room and I would get upset, but she would soon come in and teach me about my wrongdoings. Since I cannot take those actions back, the only choice I have is to apply the lessons I have learned to my life, so I do not make the same mistakes. A mother is her child 's number one fan. My mom has always supported me in all of my choices, giving me advice along the way. She is the one who pushes me out of my comfort zone, so I could experience new events in life. There are many memories that I would…

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