Personal Narrative: My Everyone Needs A Role Model

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EEveryone needs a role model, someone to look up to. Who better than someone who has gone through the same situations as you and has done something you want to do? Someone who shares the same interests and inspires you to accomplish the goals set in your life. They fill you with determination to be the best that you can be and do the most amazing things. My mother started a not so good life at a very young age, yet she is the most amazing and hard-working woman I know. Ever since she was born, my mother had been a wild child. She was the little girl that did the funniest things, the craziest things; and when she did something wrong you weren’t able to punish her because she was that type of girl. At age 11 the little, joyful girl was gone… Her world had been torn apart completely when her parents decided to divorce. Everyone knows that getting a divorce is the hardest thing on a child. After getting word that the divorce was official, my mom did the best she could to make the best of everything. But her life kept getting worse, for a little girl. Her mother, my grandmother, had changed; she went from the playful, ‘always there for you” kind of mom to the distant, but still lovable mom. So at …show more content…
Every time she accomplishes something, she feels so proud of herself and I can’t help but just admire her more. After everything she has been through, this woman has not given up, instead she gives us more. She wasn’t able to finish high school so she pushes me to be better and smarter than her; “You don’t need to be dependent of a man in your life, finish your career, work hard, and you’ll be able to provide for your family. It’s called being an independent woman. If you want to depend on a man might as well still be a teenager.” But what she doesn’t know is that she is the smartest, bravest person I know and that I want to be just like

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