My Mother Is A Hero: My Hero

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Many may say that their hero is a celebrity or a public figure, but my hero is my mom. My mom has taught me right from wrong. My mom has always been by my side. My mom is a woman of faith. I look up to my mom and hope to be like the woman she is. The difference between my hero and other people 's heroes is that my mom is not just my hero, but also my best friend. A mother 's obligation to her children is to teach them with discipline and love. My mom has done more than that. As a child when I made the wrong choices and behaved badly, my mom was there to discipline and teach me the right choices. At the time I did not appreciate being told what to do. Looking back on the times my mom corrected me and how she still does, I now appreciate it because it has made me the young woman I am. I now understand that some of my actions affected my mom and upset her, and I wish I could take those actions back. I remember when I was younger I …show more content…
Her faith in God is so strong, and I pray that my faith could be half as strong as my mom 's. Her faith has always persevered, even in times of trouble. When my sister had cancer, my mom was hurting on the inside, but her faith prevailed making her stronger than ever. My mom 's faith in God has made a difference in my life. Seeing the woman my mom is, allows me to notice that there is a greater life in God. My mom, like many mothers are to their daughter, is my role model. She is caring, honest, and wise. Those are just a couple of the great virtues my mother has. She has always been a mother who not only disciplines, but who counsels and gives advice. My mom is also an incredible woman. I want to be able to be as easy going as she is. My mom does not let comments people say about her get to her head, which is an aspect in my life that I struggle with. Seeing her perseverance inspires me to never give up. My mom is such an amazing woman and because of it she is the person I look up

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