My Mother Is A Drug Addict Essay

956 Words Oct 6th, 2015 4 Pages
I saw her standing in a contrapposto position like a stone cold statue; her weight was unequally distributed, like her love. She wore a dirty pink tank top and someone else’s underwear. I saw her delicate legs rattle while urine ran down them. My younger cousin pointed and shrieked, “Gross!” But at fifteen I pretended that I didn’t notice, and changed channels on the old TV. Seeing my mum in such a desperate state was paralyzing. Watching her life turn to wrecks slowly destroyed me, until I could no longer find the energy to care or comprehend what our lives had become. I love her anyway, I want to be nicer, I don’t want to be tense and resentful when I’m around her, and I don’t want to dismiss every word that comes out of her mouth. But my mother is a drug addict. And when you have a mother like mine, you will always be placed second. I know to my mother that my love and our relationship will never be as high, as the way she feels after her 9pm hit. I am constantly observing anxiously for sentence structure and accuracy. I watch her as though she is my child, waiting to see the next mistake she will make.

Yesterday I sat in front of middle school and waited for her car after all the other students disappeared. I was frustrated and angry, why was I all alone? Where was my mum? It began to rain and I only had one jumper with me, I wanted to walk home, but I couldn’t. I knew that she needed my forgiveness, so I sat and waited. First I became drenched…then my patience was…

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