My Mom Is My Hero

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What is a mom? According to google a mom is “a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth” but the word mom means something different to everyone. To some the word “mom” can mean a friend, hard worker , a teacher, or even a superhero. To others it could mean control freak, someone who knows no boundaries, or an evil dictator. My mom has fulfilled all of these roles at one time or another. Sometimes, she was all of these at once. My mom has worked hard her entire life and it is because of this that she is someone I can look up to and be proud to have as a parent. It is already hard enough to maintain a home, work decent hours, and raise one child on two incomes. Now, imagine maintaining a home, working long hours, and raising four children on just one income. My mom did this for twenty-two years, and it was not easy on her, but she never once complained. As a child, I never realized how hard she worked, however, looking back now I remember how she acted after coming home from work. My mom worked as a cook and stock manager. She also kept the kitchen clean and up to code at KFC. My mom did more than what she was being paid for but she did it because she was the only one who …show more content…
She continued to do home maintenance, ensure dinner was made, and help her children with their school work. She continued to go to every school event, be it open houses, sporting events, or award ceremonies. To this day, she still makes every award ceremony, sporting event, and open house. If it was important to her family, it was important to her. The word “mom” means something different to everyone. To me, it means someone who will be there no matter what. Someone who is willing to be a pain in the neck and always has your well being in mind. My mom fulfilled all of her parental roles and then some by herself and now it is my turn to help

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