My Mother And My Father Essay

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I was ten years old the day my life was torn in two pieces. That was the day I was forced to choose between my mother and my father. At this age, I did not fully grasp the concept of divorce, but I understood we were no longer one “happy” family. We would no longer attend church together, we would no longer sit down for family dinners or start debates about what was going on in the news.
The days to follow were silent and depressing, my father was moving out and I begged him to take me, but all he said was “stay with your mother”. Did my father no longer love me? Did he no longer want me to be part of his life? Those were questions that haunted me for weeks, while he was gone, until the day of my eleventh birthday. My father was waiting outside in the driveway with a gift in his hands and a smile on his face, but not a smile of happiness, it was the kind of smile we fake when we do not want others to know we are hurting. Frustrated and confused, I sat on my bed, trying to figure out how two people could suddenly stop loving each other after years of marriage. As an eleven year old the idea of love was simple but mystifying. At this point, love for me, was mom giving dad the best slice of pizza at dinner. Love was my dad kissing my siblings and me on the forehead before bed. Every night there was a reassuring knock on our bedroom doors and a simple goodnight that could sooth me to sleep in an instant. Knowing my father was coming home became one of the most consuming…

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