My Mother And Literacy Essay

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My Mother and Literacy
The first teacher I ever had was my mother. From tying my shoes to my ABC’s she taught me so many things throughout my life. Enhancing how literacy fit into my life was one major thing my mom did for me. Similar to the reading Superman and Me by Alexie; we always had books lying around the house. We would take trips to the library to look for new books and we attended the summer reading programs there. Reading and writing wasn’t a chore to me, it was fun and exciting. It opened me up to new worlds every time I opened a new book to the first page. I wanted to read all the time. My mom would have me read anything and everything; menus, recipes, street signs, and books. Reading became an everyday activity for me. My mother has had a monumental impact on my love of literacy. She has shaped and molded the way I view literacy and how it fit into my life. There were three major moments in my childhood that I remember where the books she had me read were extremely influential on my stance towards literacy.
Sometime before I started preschool my mother bought a book that had a colossal impact on literacy in my life. I remember my mother coming into my room at bedtime to read me a new and exciting book. The book had a pink background with a large coconut tree, and multi-color letters all around it. The cover read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The book was about teaching me the ABC’s in a different way than just singing a song. I will never forget this line;…

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