Attentiveness In The Workplace

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One of my most greatest personality features that positively affect my interpersonal and work relationships is being attentive. Attentiveness has allowed me to truly listen and focus on specific details with people around me. Benefits to this personality trait allow me to have fewer distractions as well as great listening skills and awareness, particularly with my family and co-workers. I tend to portray this personality trait best at work by listening to customers or co-workers speak about their ideas, opinions, or complaints without me becoming immediately irritated. With family members and friends, I tend to focus on the details about their issues and concerns. I take great pleasure in learning about specific details because it paints a clearer picture to what I need to understand from people. This is crucial to my current job because knowing exactly what …show more content…
Being honest can negatively affect my interpersonal and work relationships because people usually avoid hearing the truth. I believe that I am a person who values honesty, however, I’ve come to realize that it is not always my place to be honest. Being honest definitely has its risks because it can hurt peoples’ feelings. Additionally, what I may think is honest to me, may not be true to the other person nor might the other person see my point of view. In being honest, I try to be direct in a caring way so that what I think is true may not be revealed too harsh. Still, when I am honest with my family members or friends I can see that they are hurt, but then they realize I mean no harm. Honesty based on my opinion is a weakness worth fixing because it can be portrayed as judging. In often feel that I would appreciate someone’s honest feedback much more than being lied to, however, I have realized that even though honesty is essential, expressing it with judgment is unacceptable. I learned that I could deliver my feedback with sympathy and empathy

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