Essay on My Most Meaningful Achievement Was The Birth Of My Children

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My most meaningful achievement was the birth of my children. Joseph T. Gray (21) and Joezette T. Gray (18). The world revolved around my children. My life passion was to give them unconditional love and my full attention as a parent. Unfortunately I allowed my devotion to my children to stop the passions I had for my professional dreams. I met my then husband while I was in my last year of Community College of Philadelphia, and finished my Associate degree in Early Childhood Education. But instead of transferring to a 4 year college to complete my Bachelors, I decided to get married and start our family. Putting my dreams on hold. Fast forward 25 years later after the recent loss of my Job of 17 years, and recent divorce from my husband I am now regretting and paying a price for not having my Bachelor’s degree. Although I am still proud of my achievements as a parent, and have over 21 years of what I call parenting accomplishments I now feel the obligation to live the education values I taught my children.
One of my biggest parenting accomplishments was teaching my children the value of education, and how it can shape their future. I taught my children from a very young age to complete their education in an area of study they are passionate about. Do not choose a career based on the salary range that field earns. Choose a career that when you wake up in the morning every day Monday – Friday until your 70 1/2, you are motivated and passionate about what you’re doing. I woke…

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