Essay on My Most Interesting Thing About Me

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March four two thousand sixteen
All About Me All About Me

Up until now I have lived a pretty simple and what i consider boring life. I was born in California and lived in mexico, back in california, and finally in idaho. I wanted to go to california for college until i realized is was ridiculously expensive. I consider the most interesting thing about me is that i did every big life event kind of young. Because of the way i chose to live my life i magnified my shyness. It is something i am working on. Overall my life has been dull up until this moment.
I am proud of and consider myself someone who grew up fast. A number of events contributed to this. In my education I was always the youngest of all my peers. That was because when I was little and living in mexico I begged my dad to let me go to school. When he convinced the teacher i was only there to observer. When the teacher noticed I was learning the material she decided to advance me. I am so glad i started school early when i can 't remember it so i can finish early when i do remember. This lead to me being able to start college at seventeen years old. When I was thirteen about to turn fourteen i began to work for my parents. Before that i would help here and there but now it was scheduled. The entire time i was in highschool i would also have to work. That was not so challenging because my mom would work with my school schedule. That job was going to prepare me for the future i would…

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