My Most Important Values

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With 1 being most important and 41 being least important, here is my list of values ranked:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Religion
4. Love
5. Loyalty
6. Integrity
7. Trust
8. Happiness
9. Time
10. Respect
11. Wisdom
12. Freedom
13. Technology
14. Education
15. Intellect
16. Art/Music
17. Responsibility
18. Health
19. Safety
20. Recreation
21. Peace
22. Success
23. Justice
24. Self esteem
25. Experience
26. Career
27. Secure job
28. Stability
29. Financial security
30. Material goods
31. Democracy
32. Individuality
33. History/culture
34. Wealth
35. Socializing
36. Status
37. Appearance
38. Nature
39. Sex
40. Diversity
41. Power
I am a caring person who is loyal to friends and family. I am trustworthy, and I love spending time with those I care about.
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Some of my attributes are positive and I hope to exemplify them even more in the future. I hope that I will continue to put my family and friends first in my life and in my decisions. I want to have a wife and two kids who I am able to provide for and who will know that I love them and want what is best for them. I hope that I will grow in my Christian faith and will be an example to my wife and children. I hope that I will be someone who volunteers in my church and in my community. After all of this, I hope that I will have a steady job doing something that I love. I do not have a specific idea yet what I want to get a job doing, but I like working with computers and my major is information systems management, so I hope to have a job in that field that will provide me with good benefits and a good pay so that I can support my family. If I could make enough that my wife would not have to work (unless she wants to) then that would be ideal. I also hope that I will have improved on some of my negative qualities in ten years. I hope that I will no longer lack motivation and that I will take initiative to improve my life and the lives of others around me. I want to no longer procrastinate, as it always stresses me out and would likely have negative consequences in my job. Ultimately, I want to be someone who would be remembered positively if I died in ten …show more content…
I was raised as a Christian, so the ideas that are associated with Christianity were ideas that I grew up with. I definitely follow a code of ethics and I believe that I have good morals. Before I make a decision I will consider its impact on others, as well as whether or not it is right. While I may not always make ethical decisions for the right reasons, I will rarely do something that would be considered “unethical.” A small but recent example occurred earlier this semester. A classmate had figured out the correct answers to an online homework quiz that we had unlimited attempts for. I struggled with this assignment and was very tempted to copy his answers so that I would get a better grade. No matter how much I tried to justify to myself that I wasn’t “copying” so much as “getting help from a classmate” I couldn’t bring myself to copy his answers because I felt that doing so would be cheating. Even for a small ten-point homework assignment my conscience wouldn’t allow me to do something I considered unethical. While this is a small example, I feel that it exemplifies how I live my life and make my

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