Essay on My Most Important Short Term Goals

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Introduction All long term goals are achieved by accomplishing a series of short term goals. In this SLP, I will analyze three of my most important short term goals and why they are important to my future. For each goal I will explain what skills and knowledge I will need in order to accomplish them. Also, I will explain how I plan to keep myself accountable for each and how those goals will be measured. So let us take a look at the first goal, becoming a trainer for new employees.
Goal 1 of 3 My organization is constantly in a cycle of processing through new employees. As a result, there are not enough experienced employees to train all the new trainees. One of my short term goals is to become of the Item Manager trainers. This is important to me because I can start to put to practice some of the different leadership and mentorship concepts that I have learned throughout my Master’s program. It will also be a great way to start to develop employees, which will be great experience for when I become a supervisor one day. It connects with my personal values and desire to help and encourage others. I had a great trainer when I first got hired on but I had friends that were not so fortunate so it is important to me to put this knowledge that I have learned on the job and throughout my Master’s program to help others. I will measure my achievement by the success and growth of my trainees. Their development will be a direct reflection of what I teach them and the opportunities…

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