My Moral Values

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My personal beliefs on values and ethics are that morals and behavior should be based on the legal system in our current society as it gives the general overall moral conduct, ethics, and behavior of most people in our society. My personal values, morals and ethical code are based on law, regulations, education, and religion which serve as a basis for distinguishing between right and wrong, and thereby have a direct effect upon my thoughts and behavior.
Events, mistakes, and teachings throughout life has changed and shifted my values and ethical beliefs. Learning from my mistakes and learning from superiors have shaped my values and ethics. As a United States Servicemen, I am to uphold core values of honor, courage, and commitment throughout
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Growing up with a Christian upbringing I have learned most of my morals and ethics through the Holy Bible and parables, which teaches right and wrong through stories and readings. According to the module readings, “Christians find moral support in parables such as those of the Good Samaritan and the prodigal son. The parable is an allegorical story for adults; it is supposed to be understood as a story about ourselves and what we ought to do. Although the purpose of the fairy tale seems to be primarily to entertain and secondarily to teach a moral lesson, the purpose of the parable is primarily to teach a moral and religious lesson” (Rosenstand, 2012). My family, peers, and upbringing have also taught me “The Golden Mean” of moderation as having excess or too little would not be good. I believe that the golden mean is “good for man—where a human can excel, what a human is meant to do, and where a human will find happiness” (Rosenstand, …show more content…
Module three readings have made me learn about ethical relativism, which states, “not everybody shares our idea of what constitutes decent behavior and that their will always be moral differences in society” (Rosenstand, 2012). I have learned that I am an ethical relativist and that determining values and ethics are dependent on the person and what they feel is right and wrong based on their beliefs.
Personally over the years I have lived abiding and living according to the law and rules, while always doing my best to do the right thing, as it has naturally felt morally correct and what I believe to be good values and ethics to follow. Over the years I have also learned that respect and fairness is key for a civilized society. I personally have also always believed that the rights of groups and people should be respected given that everyone should be entitled to their own opinion and

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