Moral Philosophy Research Paper

My Moral Philosophy

A person’s moral philosophy is embedded since birth and honed through out his life by first his parents, and then by his/hers environment. My moral philosophy derives from my Mexican heritage and culture and has been honed throughout my education and military experience. Growing up with my family, my parents imbedded in my sister and me the ethical values of trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, and loyalty. Even thought I was born and raised in the United States, my first 16 summers were spend in central Mexico, with my grandparents, where my Mexican Heritage and ethical values were even more infused the same way they were into my mother. Being part of the Army Culture for over 17 years as a Soldier, Cadet, and
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Duty to me is not only to meet the standard but also to exceed the standard and consistently strive to do my best. It is the obligation that we have as an organizational leader and Army Officer to our Soldiers. Duty is a strength in my moral philosophy because it is one of the values that sets me apart from my non-military friends and relatives. Selfless service to me means doing what is right for our society, communities, nation, and family. Dedicating the best years of my life is an obligation that I have for my country because it has provided a plethora of opportunities to my family and me. Honor provides the moral compass for character and personal conduct. It is a strength and glue that holds all my values together. George Washington once mentioned, “ War must be carried on systematically, and to do it you must have men of character activated by principles of honor” . It belongs to those living by words and actions consistent with high ideals. Integrity is doing what’s right, legally and morally. It means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. I always brief my Soldiers to always do the “Harder right over the easier wrong”. Integrity is a strength in my philosophy because without it my moral philosophy wouldn’t be strong and I wouldn’t have the capacity …show more content…
The sources of these values are a combination of my experiences, family and the military. The moral values that make up my moral philosophy are significant as an organizational leader and an Army Officer. My ethical values in my moral philosophy are trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, loyalty, duty, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage and empathy. Duty and virtue ethic are well integrated in my moral philosophy. At this point of my life, my virtue ethics are reflected through my moral philosophy and it is who I am, how I see the world and how I act. It is in the center of my heart and character. My action-based ethics is deontological. I judge morality by looking at the action rather then the outcome in which I excluded outcome from my moral philosophy. Through my different culture interactions around the world, these values have influenced me the way I make decisions and treat my leaders, subordinates, and

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