Personal Narrative: My Granma's Home

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I was maybe 6 years old when I watched my Mom drive away without me for the first time. My mother and her grandmother were yelling back and forth at the front door of our small house. I was little, so I sat and listened in the hallway, across from the door, trying to figure out what they were fighting about. It was a conversation I had heard before about my Mom’s recent decision to move to New York. My Granma obviously didn 't agree with it because she was young and had no way to support a little girl in a new place. I remember my Mom saying something along the lines of “If I could take Kayla with me, I would.” I suppose I misunderstood what my Mom meant, because I ran to my little room in our cozy home and started to pack. I stuffed clothes and my favorite toys and books into a large Christmas gift bag, and started out towards the front door to join …show more content…
The next few days were kind of a whirl wind of planning, sorting through everything, and plenty of family time which helped keep me distracted from my immense loss. However, the viewing and the funeral were some of the most difficult things that I 've ever had to deal with. Being there at the funeral, with my grieving family, I really had to face the earth-shattering change in my life, and it was painful. A few days after the funeral, my Mom, who had came down from north Florida, took me aside to talk to me. She told me that she wanted to actually take care of me, and act like the mom I hadn 't really had so far, but my Granma had begged her not to do that. My Granma wanted me to live with my great grandmother. I had no idea then, but that was the absolute best decision she could have made for me. My Mom has never had a stable life and wouldn 't be able to give me one. My Granma really did know what I needed in my life, and she made sure I would get it, even after she was

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