My Moments Of Courage

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They told me to write a story about courage, but my story doesn 't start with me. It starts four generations ago, back when real courage first surfaced in my family.It started with a man named Louis.

Louis was my great grandfather, back in the day he was a marine in world war two, and in the military they taught him mannerisms and common courtesy along with the skills needed to fight, he would have been punished if there was one wrinkle on his fatigues. All this being said because the military taught him manners, and yes, his actions and combat there were honorable and make me proud, but I want us to focus on the values they teach you. in basic training they teach you a warriors ethos, and this ethos says to always put the mission first, to
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I was different, my middle name was Louis, just like my grandfather and my great grandfather. And my personality was that of my grandfather, a soldier at heart. Even from the start I had a battle to fight, I had a rare condition, and my childhood was filled with surgery after surgery, every year until I was eleven. I have never and never will be able to join the military and serve as they did, but in a way, my moment of courage was far better. I was 12 when my grandpa died, we were close, and with the time we had he taught me how to be a man, how to survive, which I already knew, because of my challenges as a kid. He was my mentor, and more of a father to me than my father was at the time. He saw something great in me, and sometimes I think he knew what I was going to do. But I never did anything wrong, I was always strong in my faith, and I still am. I was not like my cousins, they all screwed up their lives badly, but I stayed pure. The last thing he told me before he died was to make him proud. I was 12, and the weight of the world was on my shoulders, I spent the rest of my childhood taking care of my family. My grandmother was widowed, so every week I would go to her house and spend the night. At the time there were 8 drug addicts living with here, they were dangerous, and they were powerful. I was scared, I could either step up and stick around even though it could get me killed, or I could stay away from there and be safe. so my moment came, I had to make the choice, so I decided to be courageous and put my life on the line for my family. I became a bodyguard of sorts, and on many occasions I should have died, I have been threatened by these drug addicted psychos. I figure that if my family put their life on the line in a war zone, I can fight on the homefront. So I did, I put up with two long years in a hellish state, trying to fight the people around me, while

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