My Mom 's Full Name Essay

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There are people in everyone’s life that have a tremendous effect on them. Some people say it is one of their siblings. Some people say that it is their grandmother or grandfather, or maybe it is an aunt or uncle they hold dear to the. And of course there are those people who choose one of their parents. The person I want you to know about is my mother. My mother will and always will be my best friend. She has always put Kimme, Jake, and me ahead of all of her wants and needs. My mom’s full name is Melissa Michelle Bayne. Her maiden name is Newman.She has always lived here in Shelbyville. She knows this town like the back of her hand. As a kid she took me around back roads and through town showing every possible way through Shelbyville. My mom is short and she has brown hair with hazel eyes. She has taught me a lot about like by how she carries herself. My mom is a very prideful, loving, respectful person. My mom was raised with great manners and was taught to be polite. My mom never has a problem if you talk about her, but the only way to really get on her bad side is for someone to talk about her babies or her family. When my mom was growing up she didn’t have it easy. My family didn’t have a lot of money, so my mom worked for everything she had. My mom went on to teach us as children that everything isn’t given to you in life. You have to work for things in life, or you have some things in life you have to fight for. She always wanted us to have what we wanted…

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