My Mom Essay

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If I stand next to my dad, you can tell that we’re related in some way. We both have wavy jet-black hair that likes to poof up when it gets humid. Our round-shaped eyes crinkle and our cheeks perk out when we smile with our thin lips. We also have glasses that perch upon our round nose. Our height towers above most family members. If I stand next to my mom on the other hand, you probably can’t tell that we’re related. Her straight dark-brown hair that she dyed many times, doesn’t match with my wavy jet-black. She has the thin lips when she smiles, but her cheeks rather stay put than perk out. Her glasses are only perched on her nose when she has to read tiny text. My height still dominants even when she wears heels. This is all physical-wise though. If anyone compared me to my mom by personality, we’re still not the same. Actually, that is a lie that I believed in for a long time. I thought I would never be like my mom because of the …show more content…
I was picking up on my mom 's personality traits for quite some time. For example, in seventh grade, I rarely cared about how my schoolwork was going. I wouldn 't care if someone 's schoolwork were better than mine. My mom would then tell me that I had to step up my game on schoolwork if I wanted to have a good future. She also reminds me of her own favorite saying, “If they can do it, then I can do it.” I rarely thought of my future or that little saying until I began my freshman year of high school. My first report card in high school was actually pretty good. But I saw that at least thirty people in my class were doing better. That was when I began to step up my game and my mom 's little saying started replaying in my mind. I never realized that I was doing that until I recently saw my little freshman sister 's grades. I realized I became my mom by discussing to my sister about doing well in high school is for her own future 's sake. I even used my mom 's little saying on my

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