My Mom By Leslie Rooney Essay

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I decided to interview my mom, Leslie Rooney, about her feelings towards music. My mom grew up in the 80’s in the United States. I was interested to learn about her musical preferences that she enjoyed while she was a high school student in her generation. My mother response was that she enjoyed much of the popular music at the time but leaned towards rock bands. Growing up in the Seattle area, she enjoyed listening to bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam because of their local connection. She said that as a teenager she didn 't listen to as much music as her peers but still enjoyed listening to the music on the radio and her cassette player!
I then asked, what was your favorite concert that you have ever attended? She told me she had attended a few concerts in college. Her favorite concert she attended was U2 at the Tacoma Dome. She loves the band and said it was an amazing experience. She explained to me that people crowded near the front of the stage. There was standing room only and people danced and had a great time. My mom went with a friend and they we seated far away but wanted to be in the front by the stage. They went to the area where people were standing and were able to get in because the ticket attendant let them slide. My mother says that being in the environment of the concert was exciting and unforgettable.
I then asked, what do you think of the music of today 's generation versus your own?
My mother says that she likes a mixture of both, but favors her own…

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