Essay on My Mom After The California State University Of Los Angeles

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It was the year of 2007 when my mom was graduating from the California State University of Los Angeles, overcoming all obstacles. I remember the look in my mom’s eyes, full of happiness and excitement! That day I was picked up early from school. My grandmother, who is like my second mom, was rushing my entire family to prepare us for the graduation. We arrived to the campus where my mom was receiving her master’s degree in social work. I remember that the ceremony dragged. I was anxious to see my mom’s face appear in the screen as I cheered her name “Mireya Segura!” I was grateful for her, although also discouraged by my father who could not attend due to his drug abuse, this impeded him from involving himself in events that were important for the entire family. That year was a tough one for my entire family. Despite the challenges my family faced, my mother managed to persevere and graduate with a master’s degree. Surviving this tragic experience, with my mom as the backbone for the family, has shaped who I am now and why I want to attend and pursue my greatest aspiration, to one day too be a college graduate. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to be someone important in life and have a better future.
During that time I was 7 years old and my mom was a college student, we found out that my dad had a drug problem, this had a severe negative impact on her and the family. She became overwhelmed and depressed with helping my dad recover and trying to lift her…

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