My Mission, Vision, And Values Essay examples

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss how my origination’s mission, vision, and values provide strategic direction for its members. I will also discuss shared governance, as well as the pros and cons of our nursing model. Organizations have a mission and vision statement to achieve goals and establish a vision of the future, therefore, guides standard operations (Huber, 2014). Saint Mary’s Medical Center is a not for profit, faith-based health care facility and the mission, vision, and values of the organization are guiding principles that define our beliefs, purpose, and future (Huber, 2014).
Organization’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Stated Goals
First, Saint Mary’s Medical Center’s mission states “We are inspired by the love of Christ to provide quality health care in ways which respect the God-given dignity of each person and the sacredness of human life” (SMMC, 2016). Secondly, the organization 's vision is “delivering high-quality health care services in compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, and standards” (SMMC, 2016). Finally, the organization’s values include “compassion, hospitality, reverence, interdependence, stewardship and trust” (SMMC, 2016). The organization’s values guide all members’ actions to meet goals, and the organization incorporates these values into hospital policies. Their mission, vision, and values include high-quality patient care at a low-cost (SMMC, 2016). For example, the organization defines compassion as the loving…

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