My Mission As A Teacher Essay

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My mission as a teacher is to raise up students who will become future leaders by instilling Christ-centered morals so that they can create for us a better future. For me, this means that I may need to step aside at times and adjust my curriculum to what students enjoy learning. Projects will be student oriented and much of my lesson planning will be done around class time discussion. I believe a student should enjoy learning and learn about practical, life-changing scenarios. However, there will be a structure in my classroom and a daily schedule that we follow along with basic rules which will be laid out for students during the beginning of the year. In my opinion students, if applicable, should be keeping up with recent times in the news, by focusing on what is going on in society and seeing how we can make a difference and hone in on the world around us. My responsibilities as a teacher involve facilitating the classroom and student activity. As a teacher, this may mean stepping aside in the classroom and letting the students become leaders in small group settings. I am a tool for students and will be prepared to help them in any way I can. Class discussions that go on should be thought provoking and relatable; students are always more likely to remember something when they can relate the topic back to themselves. I will help bring up topics and subjects that should be focused on and allow my students to choose what kind of project or learning opportunity should go on…

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