My Midterm Project : The Role Of Not Doing The Everyday Tasks That Are Stereotyped Towards Women

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Nicolette HolstromGNDR 101- TH 12:30- 1:45Midterm ProjectThe Role I Take on as a WomanThe topic I chose to experiment with for my midterm project is to take on the role of not doing the everyday tasks that are stereotyped towards women. What got me thinking about this was in class when we were talking about feminism and what it means to be feminist. I no longer want to play in the role of what is expected of women on an everyday basis as far as what is expected in the household. Being a woman, I contribute to the stereotypes that scrutinizes woman to being a housewife and the roles women are expected to do. My roommate is a woman and both of our boyfriends technically live with us. My roommate and I are usually are the ones who do all the cleaning, cooking, and laundry. So, for my midterm, I reversed my role as a woman and did the opposite of what was expected of me with everyday house chores to test how far I can take them both. I am a full time student, have a part time job as a nanny, and coach a high school cheer team. Besides all of that being my everyday life, I come home at the end of the day to cook dinner for my boyfriend and clean whatever needs to be cleaned in the house. On top of all of that, I make sure that he has everything he needs for his morning practice, as well as has his practice clothes washed. In West in Zimmerman, they talk about how woman are expected to follow their social roles and how women are constantly reinforced of them. “Wives, even when…

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