My Metamorphosis

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I hear a small buzzing as a small black insect whirls around my head twice then glides over to the smooth blue wall. No bigger than a pea, my companion is a dark fly who must have breezed in through my open window on the soft April winds. As my glance meanders from my blank computer screen to my new friend I slowly make a realization and a small smile forms on the corner of my lips. That seemingly insignificant bug and I have a lot in common. I too was once but a fly on the wall.
Upon entering Blue Valley Northwest at a height of five foot-four, I was the epitome of the “invisible” kid. With a mouth full of metal and my head a messy mop of hair, I intentionally dodged and ducked between the massive seniors and averted making eye contact with
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I suppose the first stage of my metamorphosis began on the third day of my freshman year when the freshmen were all corralled into a massive prepubescent herd and forced to participate in the… activities fair. Abhorrent, I know. Walking with my head down and fists shoved into my pockets I trudged carefully through the lawn, evading human contact. That was until the unthinkable happened; a hand reached out and touched me on the shoulder. As I followed the hand with my eyes up the long smooth arm my heart almost seized. It was a girl, a real life, breathing human being of the female sex. And she was touching me. “PANIC!” my brain screamed, as a multitude of sirens and alarms began blaring and flashing in my skull, “CUE THE SWEAT! CUE THE MUMBLING! CUE THE DESPAIR!” While on the verge of a collapse the smiling junior asked me my name and by the grace of God I managed to answer. After having a brief conversation she convinced me to sign up for FCA, “What’s FCA?” “My favorite club, I’m the president!” “I love FCA!”
Three years have passed since that fateful exchange and there is rarely a day that goes by without me thinking back on it; I attribute so much of my success in high school to that very moment. Not only have I remained

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