My Mentor, My Hero My Father Essay

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My mentor, my Hero, my Father
A person who made a difference in your own life, how you lived it, the decisions you would go on to make, the changes you would make on your life’s outlook and what you would do. There are several people who could fit into these categories in our lives, people who were dedicated to making a difference in the lives around them. People that we meet growing up in our childhood up with when we leave our homes leave a very notable mark on us as we develop in our lives. As children, we are at our most impressionable as we pick up all information; knowledge, habits, or even personality traits. A person who has changed my life and taught me how to live my life in that way is my father Gilbert Lopez.

My dad lived a tough life growing up in Edinburg 30 years ago; after his father left the family my dad had to grow up living in the poorer part of the city, dropping out of high school and ending up in Job Corps. By the time I was born in Edinburg, he and my mom were only 19 years old. My earliest memories were in elementary school, as I moved up in grades I began struggling with my classes. Usually in this situation my mom would encourage with a gift for a good report card, and my dad would make playfully threats about the belt. While I knew he was kidding, I also knew that the threats could turn very real from past misbehaviors. For most of my school life I worked in school to make my parents proud or at the very least not disappoint them. I wanted to…

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