My Mentor Essay: Daniel Cloud Campos

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Mentor essay

For my mentor essay I chose Daniel cloud Campos. My reason for choosing him is because he has written and directed some of my favorite music videos. I hope to do a majority of my work with music videos because music is a second passion of mine. Campos is very small time so finding info on him personally has proven a difficult task. However, I am determined to do my essay on him so I decided I will be focusing on 5 of his pieces that I love most. I will do a small breakdown of the shorts and explain what I learned from them and how I aspire to learn more about the techniques he uses.
Let’s start with a recent short by Mr. Campos. “I’ll Hold”. This short is one of my favorites. It is simple and to the point. The short is about a
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This is a musical short that Campos saved up for through crowd funding which I hope to use one day. This short is about a Young intern who is struggling with self-doubt. We see him struggling with his inner fears as he works up the courage to ask his boss for permission to attend one of the most elite dance auditions. I loved this piece because musicals are really hard to perfect. Everything in this short is choreographed perfectly in my opinion. Campos has a background in dance and it shows in most of his work. My favorite scene is when the character is working up the courage to open the door to his boss’ office. We see him run towards the door and take a dive for it but is then caught by several other actors/dancers. The scene then tightens in on his hand struggling forward as there hand grab ahold of his too the beat of the song. Then we are looking at the scene from the point of view of the door. The character then yells frustratingly saying “Come on!” as the people toss him backward. I feel like everything in this part is excited perfectly. The whole piece is very delightful and I find myself wanting to watch it over and over, so I think it did its …show more content…
Campos’ ability to write very moving stories that can pull out a lot of emotion. That combines with excellent imagery really pulls everything to a full 360. I hope that I can learn how to create how Mr. Campos creates. I am a weak story teller and hope that I can grow into a better one, because the more I learn about filmmaking, the more I want to write and tell stories. Daniel Cloud Campos is a good example of what I want to do as a filmmaker and it is this fact that if given the chance to choose, would choose him as my

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