Personal Essay: My Mentor

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Profile Essay

What makes someone a mentor? Do you know? Better yet what makes me want to proclaim someone as my mentor? It takes a person with certain characteristics or qualities. My mentor is an amazing chef characterized by her compassion, conviction, determination, and intuition. This is the story of my mentor’s life and the various things that tried to hold her back from reaching her goals and the four traits that she possesses that overcome those challenges.
My mentor’s compassion arose from her life. Her childhood was a good one even though she was afforded all the pleasures other children had. Her family grew up on welfare so they didn’t have much. Through not having a lot of material things she learned that if you want anything in
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Even though she had a good childhood, there were so many challenges along the way. One of those challenges would be when her mother would send her and her sister to pick up their welfare check. She explained that it was a very embarrassing and belittling experience, also about how the welfare officers and workers were very rude and made fun of the people who were in need of government assistance. This is one of the reasons that she works as hard as she does, because she never wants her family to be without and having to get a hand out from other people. One of the reasons my mentor really wanted to become a chef is because she really likes to eat. She explains that her husband grew up hungry and just being able to make recipes that are good for the body and that warm the soul is just her passion. When she prepares food for people, she puts her whole heart into everything she makes. She also stated that there’s literally no other profession that she ever wanted to do more, so long as she’s doing the thing that she loves, it doesn’t feel like …show more content…
She has a certain flare about her; it seems like any or everything that she does she always has it under control. She told me that there isn’t one thing she would ever change about herself, because she doesn’t often think about herself but of other people. She also spoke of this one time when her intuition led to a success but then a defeat in the culinary industry. One day she and her sister were catering for a group of ladies and of course made Cajun style food as they usually would considering the fact that they are Cajun chefs. They cook seafood gumbo, Cajun shrimp on toast points, and chicken jambalaya. The event thrived and the ladies asked them to cook for them again but this time with a Caribbean menu. This menu makes perfect sense because my mentor is a chef at a Caribbean restaurant, but as it turned out the restaurant was unreliable in helping so the event didn’t go as well as planned. She realized that she should’ve gone with her intuition of staying with Cajun style food instead of venturing off without a full hatched

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