My Memory Research Paper

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PAST. A memory which horrifies me the most. A memory which should not have taken place. A memory which I could not erase. This past ruined my present.
It is 22nd of April today. My Birthday! I was alone in my room and I got a call from Pakistan: My mother met an accident and she is in the hospital. Iimmideatly called my husband Kabir. He booked two tickets to Pakistan, Lahore. I was in such a shock that I could not feel my surroundings. The only thing in my mind was my mother. How did she meet an accident? I thaught.Wake up Azelfa The plane is about to land: said Kabir. As soon as we left the Airport. We caught a taxi. I looked out of the window. Every memory started to come back to me. My twin sister Aisha and me playing in the park, the red
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I rushed down the reception: Mrs Muhammad is in Room 304, Go straight and to your left. Thanks! I opened the door and saw my mother. She looked pale and lifeless, tears rolled down my eyes. I asked the doctor: How did this happen? Will she recover soon? She was found in the guest house, she slipped. Which left a wound on her head. I cannot say anything about the recovery as her situation is critical. I went out of the room and sat on the rusted metal chair. Kabir sat next to me and gave me a hug. A hug which I needed the most at this time. Kabir has been an ideal husband. He always stood by my side in every situation. “Emergency in ward 304” I am sorry, we could not save your mother. What?: I said and everything turned black. I still remember the operation me and twin sisters were going to have as we were …show more content…
Kabir enters and sits next to me and says: I know you have been through a lot. Just be patient. I am always with you. Kabir went out to the city. After spending some time in my room I went out and started to tour the house . I saw the room which me and my twin sister Aisha use to share. I entered the room and remembered everything of my past which I did not wanted to. I saw all the toys, clothes and I could feel the presence of Aisha. I sat on the bed and fell a sleep in the room. I opened my eyes and saw kabir, glaring at me! I sat back and asked him what happened? He showed me the pendentin which mine and his pictures were placed. Is it a gift for me kabir. It was a gift given long back to a girl named Azelfa. He inquired: who are you? The truth I always hid from him. My past was my childhood. My twin sisterAzelfa. I am Aisha I told him. What? He was shocked he hold me tight and asked me where is Azelfa? I killed her I shouted. Why did you do that? Why? Why did you betray me? I always loved you kabir but you never looked at my love. When you went to London for your studies and after 3 years you were coming back. You called Azelfa and as we were conjoined twins. We both had to come together. I did not want her to meet you. So, we both got in a fight and we both fell n the bed I saw a vase behind me. I hit her and she died on the spot. My mother saw this and saved me by paying the doctor as we both were having

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