Essay on My Memories Of My Mother

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A little boy walked into his mother’s room because he could hear her sobbing. His father had to go to work, and he was left alone with her. She had been in bed for three days now, and the young boy couldn’t seem to understand why his mother was so sad. So he crawled into bed with her and just laid there, cuddling with her; hoping to make her feel better. The next day, as if this had never happened, he and his mother spent a good part of the day baking hundreds, if not thousands of cookies; and he didn’t understand how his mother could go from being so sad to so happy. This story is one of my earliest memories of my mother. My mother suffered with emotional extremes. She would have dark depressive times, which would then be followed by extreme maniac episodes. My mother was affected by Bipolar Disorder, and the effects that this had on her and my family’s quality of life, is one that can still be felt to this day. The textbook defines Bipolar Disorder as: “A disorder in which a person alternates between periods of euphoric feelings of mania and periods of depression.” (pg. 472 Essentials of Understanding Psychology) Growing up with a parent that suffered this disorder, I witnessed firsthand the true highs and lows that that any person could experience with this disorder. When I was very young I never understood what was going on with my mom. I just knew that sometimes she would be really sad, and then soon after we would spend a lot of time together; usually doing really…

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